Professional Brushes for Causal Artists

Hello! I'm so glad to have you at my shop's website. My name is Tilley -- I'm a 26-year-old casual artist based out of San Francisco, and Tilley Brushes is my passion project that I started in August of 2020. Here's a bit about my shop story, and my journey to selling brushes for the Procreate App:
Until I was 25, the closest I ever got to my creative side was when I was forced high school Art class. 
When I got Procreate last year, I was immediately drawn to brush studio. I loved creating my own brushes, but was so frustrated at how difficult it was to get a brush to look "right." 

In fact, Brush Studio might just be the most confusing tool I've ever come across -- first of all, it has a *truly* pathetic user manual, that barely covers even half the settings.

There are absolutely *no* online resources or FAQ if you encounter a common issue, like a pixelated edge. It felt like a big puzzle that had to be solved, which I found so fun and distracting during the COVID lockdowns.

I decided to start this shop after a few months of making brushes, and I originally specialized in "special effect," or 3D/glossy sorts of brush styles. I've always loved hand lettering, though, even though I was never that great at it. 

Eventually, I decided to go all in on Lettering Brushes, which is what I specialize in today.  Over the months and years, I've spent over 3,500 hours in brush studio, learning all the tips and tricks, and getting to the point where I can understand how each and every setting comes together to create a brush with a unique "feel" -- such as a smooth, textured, and buttery brush, vs. a  fast, springy, and bouncy brush.

You may ask: "How can you sell lettering brushes, if you aren't a terrific letter-er yourself???" 

The thing is, the fact that I'm an intermediate lettering artist been my greatest strength in selling brushes on Etsy. 

If you think about it.... to make a good lettering brush, you *don't* have to be a lettering professional or an artist. You really just have to know how to use brush studio. A talented lettering artist can make a bad brush look beautiful, and they do all the time on Etsy. 

The trouble is, when you purchase that brush, you're left thinking you're the problem, when the brush doesn't look like the photos. If it doesn't look as fancy, it must be because YOU don't know how to letter.

This isn't true! I am a strong believer in the idea that there are no bad letterers -- just bad brushes. 

My hope is that you never feel this way when purchasing from my shop. I try to make by brushes in a way that improves your lettering as you write, and make a wide variety of "styles" of brushes to fit all lettering types.

 If you'd like to explore what your lettering style is, then just shoot me a message on Etsy so we can chat more! Until then, thank you for visiting and come back soon :)